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Allow internet only through BolehRoute for specific apps using Comodo



--- Quote ---Edit by Administrator: All references to BolehRoute shall refer to our Fully-Routed configuration options :D We used to call our Fully-Routed servers BolehRoute but felt it to be confusing to customers.

Comodo Firewall can be obtained here:
--- End quote ---

Step by step instruction on how to setup Comodo Firewall to allow specific applications access to the internet only when Boleh is active.

I use BolehRoute.  With other modes like Surfing/Streaming, I'm not sure how it will behave, maybe someone can reply with that info.

Note this is not for high security, it only prevents your application from going online without the VPN.

With Comodo firewall (100% free version), you can set a network zone based on an adapters MAC, make a pre-defined rule for that zone, and apply that rule to certain applications.

A. Create a network zone, Get the MAC for the TAP-Win adapter
1. (XP) Start / Run and type CMD, press enter. 
    (Win7) Start and type CMD, press enter.
2. You should see a black box called a DOS box with a blinking cursor.
4. Look in the mess of junk for the section that says TAP-Win32.
5. You need the part that says Physical Address . . . . . . 00-??-??-??-??-??
6. Leave this window open for now.

B. Create network zone, Add in Comodo
1. In Comodo, goto Firewall / Advanced / Network Security Policy / My Network Zones
2. Add / New Network Zone
3. Name it BolehMAC (press apply)
4. Select BolehMAC
5. Add / New Address
6. Choose "A MAC Address" and enter the Physical Address from earlier.
7. You should see your new Zone with the New rule.
8. Press OK.

C. Make a Pre-Defined Rule
1. Open Firewall / Advanced / Predefined Firewall Policies
2. Click ADD
3. Enter a Name, BolehOnly
4. Add...
Action: Allow
Protocol: IP
Direction: In
Source Address: Any
Destination Address:  Zone / BolehMAC

5. Add...
Action: Allow
Protocol: IP
Direction: Out
Source Address: Zone / BolehMAC
Destination Address: Any

6. Add...
Action: Block
Protocol: IP
Direction: In/Out
Source Address: Any
Destination Address: Any

7. You should now have 2 green rules and then a Red one.

D: Apply rule to Applications
1. Open Firewall / Advanced / Network Security Policy / Application Rules
2. Choose the application that should only work with Boleh active (BolehRoute), or add an new one.
3. It will open to "Application Network Access Control"
4. Here choose the Predefined Policy "BolehOnly"
5. If there are other rules already, they will be removed.  To keep any existing settings, you'll have to improvise here.
6. Apply
7. OK.

Do this to all apps that should only access through the VPN (BolehRoute)

E. Testing...
1. In the above example, I made a rule for Google Chrome.
2. Disconnect from BolehRoute
3. Open Chrome - it is unable to load the home page.
4. Enable BolehRoute
5. Refresh Chrome - it works.

Thanks much appreciated ^_^


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