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Little Trees Air Freshener


Enjoy Tranquility with New Little Trees Air Freshener

Eliminate odors with elegance with the Little Trees air freshener.

With an air of simplicity, this delicate and luxurious scent creates a peaceful atmosphere. Luxury of the fragrance are balanced with bright blues reflecting powerful odor-eliminating technology. 

[*]World famous car fragrance!!
[*]Last up to 7 weeks!!
[*]No chemical content, all natural product!!
[*]Multi scent to choose from!!
[*]Suitable to use in your car, rooms, offices, drawer, etc.

Price: RM7.00
Promotion: RM20 for 3packs
Postage: RM1.50(normal envelope)

Black Ice

Green Apple

Ice Blue

Mulberry Fig

No Smoking


Sunny Citrus

*more scents coming soon!

Buy 10 get 1 for FREE

PM me if you are interested...

I would like to buy 1 set Strawberry..


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