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The official thank you thread for Reuben & Pitboss

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I noticed a number of recent posts in general support and shoutbox are rude, impatient and/or downright sarcastic.
Some behave as if they are paying a huge amount and demand instant replies as soon as their post is up.

$100 for 125 days is sometimes less than what I pay for a single dinner when i eat out!!

So to Reuben and all your crew.. many thanks. There are lots of us out there who appreciate your service.

Guys, thanks for upgrading the encryption on your proxied connections.  I'm more than willing to give up a little speed in order to gain peace of mind.  thanks again!

What to say .... A Happy New Year and good health to the Boleh team.  You guys are good ... really good at what you do you make it look so easy.  Too easy that those who dont understand only know to bitch.  Thanks for the added security, lags not noticable from my side (cant speak for other in different enviornments); still getting excellent speeds.

Been a quiet user thus far, just wanted to wish and thank you all.

Also wishing all fellow BVPN users, peace; choose wisely; 50 years is long enough to ferment excellent wine  ... what we got? :)

after spending months, and i do mean months, of reading up on what to expect from a real vpn, one that will truly protect my privacy i learned a great deal. BUT the number one consideration for your vpn is a matter of trust. Do you trust the company you are entrusting both your privacy and your money to? Without trust there is no entrusting. During my short time with boleh, and subsequently Reuben and pitboss, I can say they have earned my trust. Well Done......Well Done.

I've experienced nothing but awesomeness


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