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LOL at other VPNs


OK..I had a problem with submitting payments to Boleh (which Boleh set me straight on double quick and it was on my end). I've been using BolehVPN for years, which has always worked flawlessly.

In the meantime, I tried out another well know VPN that starts with Torr and ends with Guard.

1. Their GUI is abysmal and crashes non stop.
2. Their customer service is non existent "sorry our 24/7 technical help chat is currently offline" me again what 24/7 implies?
3. They have no forums, no user-base knowledge...just stock FAQs telling you the same thing over and over "double-click install, it'll all be good!" 
4. I ended up just manually installing their VPN via Open VPN, reconfiging, firewalls, nightmare.
5. They said they support P2P..but one could only do this after going through the 50+ list of servers to find which servers they were 'allowing" P2P traffic on...geez

In conclusion: BolehVPN is the best kept secret on the web: I am a complete fan.

Thanks glitter :D Keep on glittering!


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