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What maximum speed can I expect from using a VPN?

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This is an isolated problem for you if you are getting such a low speedtest result.

Guide has been updated with new speeds.

It should work. But not sure if SDSL is throttled.

have a 60 Mbit connection and getting 5+MB/s from it downloading from usenet.

this is 70% of possible speed with an open connection. (meaning not behind VPN) this is quite good.

as a matter of fact this is the fastest i've seen from any VPN service i've tried so far.   :P   

Hi Reuben,

I am on 25Mbps cable broadband (from Starhub Singapore, with subscribed International speed at 12Mbps and Upload Speed at 1.2Mbps).
Did a Speedtest and I got close to 12Mbps download speed.

Problem is, my uTorrent running on BolehVPN (proxy mode) only gets 1-2Mbps... by downloading an uBuntu ISO file via uTorrent. When I bypass BolehVPN (remove all proxy settings on uTorrent), I get close to 10Mbps.

Is BolehVPN limiting download bandwidth?


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