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VPN Newbie - How to check support for Netflix in AUS (from US)?


I purchased a subscription to BolehVPN so that I can access Netflix when I travel internationally.  How can I test the functionality while I am in the US?

So far I have been able to use whatsmyip to see that my IP and location are changing, but if I change the VPN server to something outside the US I don't seem to have any trouble accessing netflix.  I'm wondering if maybe not all my data is being sent over the VPN?  Is there a way to check this?

I'm on a Mac using the latest version of OS Sierra, and I've just installed Boleh and been able to connect successfully to its VPN servers.

Use to check the IP, then use to check the dns, be sure to click on the button 'Initiate standard dns spoofability test' at the bottom of the page.


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