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Key-Chain Camera that takes true 720p video


Refer to

Price: RM150 with free shipping within Malaysia

Comes with:
Key-Chain Camera
3M Sticker to affix to objects.
PDF manual

Great for remote control cars/airplanes, recording video discretely and can even double up as webcam/camera.

I brought in some of these babies after being astounded by their quality and am now selling these!

There's many variants of these (including some that only take 480p) but these are tested and proven to be the best variants for 720p.

I'll let the footage show you the quality of the images.
The best 808 #16 HD key cam test clip - 808 #16 mini dv camera test

I have about 2-3 units left :D Rest have been sold!

How long (minutes) can you record?

Depends on the micro-sd card you put in but battery-life is about 50 minutes (though you can actually connect it to external source for unlimited). The battery is of course rechargeable but best of all it's replaceable!

Generally a 4 gig SD card should be enough to hold for regular use.

It's now up on Geekzen :D


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