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Signed up for the 7 day trial.  HMA crap product and worse service left me skeptical of all VPN services. 

I was wrong.  BOLEHvpn open vpn on my DDWRT works like a charm.  Easy instructions.  Thanks

Been using bolehvpn today after tried 3 other products. Great!

It's fast, my ip is hidden, no ads, great support and no weird virus, computer corruption like got from hot shield and others.

My computer is actually faster!

See my first new post for one question please, anyone help for how a forum owner has blocked my post. He's expert in computers. So far no VPN service has been able to stop this.


Just renewed my subscription today (package 60days @ RM50) through bank transfer...I mistakenly transfered RM60 instead of RM50...when my account is reactivated....BolehVpn pro-rate my subscription to 68 days....Its been years with them and they're very fast, professional, sincere and transparent....thankyou BolehVPN.

I've been a loyal subscriber to BVPN since the olden days, when they just started in LYN and there was no GUI for windows and only a few choices of servers. Initially it was just to download torrents, but when important websites got blocked and region locked websites started appearing, BPVN became so so much more than just for torrents, it because THE gateway to the internet, the free internet.

Till today, I renew my BVPN subscription before my Astro and newspapers. It has been an integral part of my online life that I don't know if my internet subscription would be worth it without BVPN.

To add to the awesomeness, I've seen Reuben, Ajay and gang on LYN posting stuff to where they are now, and I have to say, it is a success story, no doubt about it. Kudos to you guys!

I have almost no complaints about BVPN, only praises. The servers are well maintained, service is swift and accurate, support is great, really, sometimes I feel I don't pay you enough. Joking... don't raise the fee!

Anyway, just wanted to tell you guys how much I, and I'm sure all the loyal subscribers here, appreciate the work you guys have put into BVPN and we hope to subscribe to you for a long long time. As long as there are people that deny us the internet, the heroes at BVPN are ever ready to thwart evil!

Thanks so much guys :D really appreciate it <3

We have been developing a new portal system to improve the experience and interface but it's taking a while.. hopefully we get to see it by the end of this month.


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