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Using Linksys WRT54GC with BolehVPN

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Do I need to disable the
- SPI Firewall Protection
- Block Anonymous Internet Requests

on my Linksys WRT54GC to achieve good speed.

If I can get approx 135-140KBps on the Ubuntu torrent, does that mean my settings are correct ?

If you can achieve good speeds on the ubuntu test torrent nothing should be wrong.

however if you have many torrents running you might want to turn off SPI Firewall protection as it puts a lot of load on the processor of the router.

I usually run one or 2 torrents concurrently....
On this particular torrent, I achieve same speed even using BolehVPN compared to direct Streamyx.
Any particular reason ?

Maybe poor seeder/peer ratio?

Hard to evaluate with no details.

Anyway I note that you have taken over allngap's account?

Only have 1 seed vs 22 peers... is this the reason ?


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