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XBOX Media Centre (XBMC)
« on: July 08, 2009, 05:19:03 PM »
XBMC is a frikkin' fantastic aplpication that lets you turn your sorry, forgotten old XBOX classic into blazing media centre; even better if you've got a remote control!

I've performed this softmod myself and am really happy with the results.  I've always had problems trying to connect my TV straight to my PC graphics card, so this softmod offered the perfect solution.  Now I can access my PC hard-drive (and pretty much ALL ther media content on it - films, music, photos, etc) through my xbox; with a remote controller too!  The mod also allows you to play original and copied DVD's (without needing a remote, though it's more convenient to use one), play copied games and, since it supports 'python' widgets, install emulators (directly onto your xbox hard-drive) like SNES, NeoGeo, Megadrive etc!   

Best of all; you don't have to open your XBOX or touch a single screw - all done through software!

Performing this softmod and setting up my XBOX network config took me around an hour - now it sings like Jill Scott!

See the link below for instructions:

(P.S. - I found a dude on ebay willing to sell a 'kit', which included a copy of Splinter Cell and memory card already loaded up with the relevant savegame/softmod installer - no need for the action replay kit and no need to scour the net looking for the installer!)