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Good modem 4r p2p.

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I use a Belkin. It can melt some cheese while you wait for your torrents to be completed. Hence, i got some RM15 notepad cooler for it.

Despite some heaty issues, i think it is pretty good.

I tested a Level One adsl router earlier this year for a couple of months. Never had a single connection issue. To this day I regret that my friend didn't sell it to me. :(

To those who are recommending aztech modems, specifically the dsl600e, you guys must be the lucky ones. I've NEVER had any good luck with that particular modem (slow interface, overheats easily). The 900e(b)2 on the other hand, though old and outdated, works like a charm.

also some modem need to updated the firmware
before it work properly but mine already updated
when i buy it

D Link okaylah...if u can afford Linksys or Belkin sure more better in term of stability ;D

I find that the new Aztech DSL605E perform quite good.


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