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Howzit guys i am trying to watch Earth 2007 1080[first time at 1080], and it staggers and jumps around and doesnt really play, im on vista , i installed ffdshow, no change, still staggery.

I have a quad core with 3gig normal ram and a 8800gts,watching it on a samsung 1080 tv,  do any of you watch 1080, and if yes how do you watch it?

sorted it out my coreavc wasnt installed proper

Here are some suggestions:

1. Make sure you have the latest ffdshow. Newer versions support multi-core processing.
2. Download and install CoreAVC. It's faster than ffdshow but lesser quality.

Honestly, I can't tell the quality difference between ffdshow and coreAVC. Or maybe I'm just not bothered. Anyhoo, they both work fine on my 2.8GHz C2D.

Edit: Doh, didn't read your update until after I posted this. Damn I need sleep. :P

1080 still dloading..
try use latest ffdshow..
included in klcodec 3.8 maybe...
720p works fine with it..
dunno 1080 yet..

use cccp+coreavc
make sure follow the step
Installation Instructions

How to use CoreAVC instead of FFDShow

you need at least dual core 2.4 ghz+ to play everything smoothly with coreavc

i don't even need dual core for smooth HD playback. My old single core P4 with all the latest codecs installed, can play HD shows without any problems.


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