Author Topic: For the BolehVPN staff and for potential customers:  (Read 4929 times)


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For the BolehVPN staff and for potential customers:
« on: March 14, 2012, 03:27:34 AM »
BolehVPN is a wonderful service.  I feel very lucky to have found it.  I was able to slip mention of it into a message to all my family and friends on multiple topics once, hopefully without making anyone any more suspicious of me than they already are.  They know I'm big on making reasonable efforts at Internet privacy just on general principle.  I'm thinking of doing another message sometime soon.  It's only a few hundred ordinary people, so most of them won't be especially interested.  Many people don't seem to care at all that governments, advertisers, and others interested can find out the color of their underwear without them hearing about the fact that someone was nosing about.  I hate that.  Me I grew up long ago, before most people had even heard of computers, and we believed in family privacy except perhaps with doctors and clergy.

Anyway, I've been using BolehVPN for several months now.  I am very pleased with the price, the ease of use, the speed, the stability, the customer service, the informative and highly professional website, and the mostly friendly community environment.

After having read some older posts here I am especially impressed with the continuous efforts that Reuben and his partner and the rest of the BolehVPN staff have been making to improve service and security.

Thank you for your excellent service!  Onward and upward!

el_ay_es *

* No, for better or for worse I am not Muslim.  That handle is just the phonetic pronunciation of my initials. :-)