Author Topic: Connect to Socks Proxy VPN on one machine from another one the same network  (Read 5522 times)


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I'm running Openvpn (Proxied-All) as a NSSM service (very stable and reliable) on my WHS 2011, through which I use Deluge. Is it possible to connect to this Socks Proxy from another machine (Fire Stick TV running Kodi)? Rather than have to run another openvpn on the Fire Stick. DD-WRT is not an option for me (budget) just now, but hopefully will be in the near future.
Basically, as apps on my WHS that connect to the Proxied-All VPN use the address and port 1080 is it possible to connect to this address /port (for example: would the address be the WHS address on my network?  - it has a static address) from another machine on the network? Or would forwarding of some sort be required at the router?
Any help or wisdom welcome.