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I am starting this thread for all members to post their speed screenshot. Come and post your screenshot here no matter if it's fast or slow speeds. This is also a thread for those people who don't believe in Reuben's screenshots. So I will start the ball rolling by posting my first screenshot here. Today's speed obtained here is from Ryu server.

my speed not really my max due to got other computer running in network
will update it later again after got good ip. ping now ping 550ms+

>_< I try.. not so biggy but its nice to see tonights speed.. :D

Right now I'm getting around 90kB/s, but that's mostly because the number of seeds on the torrents I'm on is on the low end. Anything with upwards of 30-40 seeds goes full out.

Here's another screenshot showing a torrent that has more peers then seeds. Notice the yoyo speed.


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