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Chairman needs help!

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Chairman wants to get a new graphics card but needs somebody to help him install it for him since he's paraplegic (not sure if this is the right term) and get it working for HD movies. Basically he can't move his limbs and is wheelchair bound.

His computer and his movies are his life so anyone who could help would make his life a lot more enjoyable! :D

He lives in Old Klang Road near Taman Desa. Less than 10 minutes drive from Mid-Valley

Anyone can hop by? He doesn't mind paying a bit for your services!

Chairman is a great guy..

 i wish i could help him out.. but i dont have my own transport and i havent heard of the, not sure what the public transport system is like.. sorry..

c'mon guys, no one staying around the area?

I would, just i live like 2 1/2 flight from him :(

No so one ehh ?

me in keramat area so really far from there
plus me got no transport

I can acuatally go but i dont know which day i am free. Erun, give me his adress then maybe i will go one of the days when i am free.


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