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RAN needs your help RM2125.55 Collected Thus Far

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Get well soon Ran.

Thank you, tobecx.

What else is new, dexxy? If you don't say a bad comment about me, its not you, is it? But you forget that I have feelings.

Long winded and round about, eh? Well, some of the accusations thrown my way yesterday has opened my eyes to their behaviour and mentality. As I said to Reuben, you were all quick to aim and fire without first allowing me to post my explanation, giving me the benefit of the doubt.  I felt hurt and left with a bitter taste in the mouth. I shall be weary from now on.

I meant the long winded and roundabout in a teasing sort of way, refer to my previous post :P

yes you know you are :P but i'm just teasing you about and was explaining what loh soh means.

Anyway let's not dig this up again shall we?

As a matter of fact, I have never believed myself to be long winded and round about. I have always tried to get to the point without being abrupt and curt, but I suppose I'll have to be. And it is my right to explain things to get to the point.
All I was doing below is to state to all concerned that their behaviour towards me was uncalled for and hurt me a great deal. Period.

lol..I missing this few days happening,anyway I let you guys deciDE.
ps:get well soon RAN  ;)


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