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RAN needs your help RM2125.55 Collected Thus Far

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Just smsed RAN. Indeed it is 7k :P

her mom is still in the hospital not doing so well and RAN is coughing as well so she hasn't been frequenting the forums.

btw i told her about it and she didn't say 'OMG DON'T GIVE IT TO ME' but instead 'bless you all!' sooo i guess this project is a go :P

I chip in around RM250-300 since I know she feel cos my dad will be having his heart bypass next year 28/1 (yup gonna celebreta CNY at the Hospital Kuching  :P ) luckily my dad is cover by the goverment as he is am retired govm servent.

Nice! What should I put you down for? :P 250 or 300 rofl.

yay now we more than a 1000 :P

Good luck on your dad! Nowadays heart bypass surgeries are quite routine with the new technologies in place so I am sure it will be fine. My grandma lived a good long time after her bypass with no complications.

I'll chip in RM50 at the moment. :)


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