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Please support this Amazing Freelance Artist!

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Dear Customers,

One of my guildies seems to have a hidden talent (or at least it was hidden to me!). He's an AMAZING artist and deserves some recognition. Please do take the time to view the link below to see his work and post your interest in getting him to produce some original pieces!

Please please DO support him and his beautiful work.

Will be posting more of his work when he provides more samples to me!


From the thumbnails, they look great. Would love to see a higher resolution with the least amount of compression. I can see artifacts. :P

Love the general dude. Nice play with lighting.

Yeah i'll post some better work up when he gives them to me :D

Ah.. urm.. does he have deviantart? if he does, i can call more ppl to support his pageviews :D

one word "awesome"


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