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And here it is after I subscribed. Notice the improvement from 18kBps to 87kBps.

perfect, Reuben! Good Job...

Just subscribed vpn yesterday. Finally my torrent client could reach 180KB/s without fuss on a 2mpbs line. Never had that good speed in many months..before vpn, it could barely reach 25KB/s ;D

Installed everything, tested with ubuntu torent and everything works fine.
The only major problem I'm facing now is that I'm out of hard disk space and cannot download anything else until I free up some empty space ;D


i spend the first half hour after i got my vpn set up, looking at the utorrent speed graph. the sudden jump in speed and maintaining the higher level..just awe me...

Before Bolehvpn = Bored to death coz hdd got nothing.
After   Bolehvpn = Busy to death deleting the old files coz the download keeps completed.


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