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10M 30ft Gold-plated connector HDMI to HDMI Cable + Net + Ferrites

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Anyone interested in this? I have a piece of this and have tested it and i can connect my XPS via hdmi port to my LCD TV with no loss or quality of signal. This is unbranded but the build quality is very good. It looks similar to Geffen cable. For those having PC with HDMI (Zotac users), you can connect your PC directly to your LCD TV via HDMI and play directly (both audio and video are in digital) to the TV.

I'm setting a central control for all my hdtv, x264 and bluray to my pc and play them on my Bravia. With this, I don;t have to get a bluray player which cost more than 3K. Just use your pc and hdmi.

At 10M, you can put your PC in your room and connect it to your TV across the room and it doesn't cost you a bomb to get this cable. A normal 2M Monster HDMI cable is VERY expensive (almost RM1K) and personally I think its a rip off.

This 10M HDMI cost only RM288.00 inclusive of delivery to anywhere in Malaysia. If anyone wants this, please PM me.

I don't even know if my card has a HDMI port :P

this it?

hrm guess not :P doesn't look like it.

damn my lcd tv has hdmi too

There's supposed to be a DVi-HDMI adapter. The yellow color one. You use that to connect to your DVI and then HDMI cable to your HDMI TV.

nah guess mine doesn't have it


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