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Zotac nVidia 8800GT PCI-E

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Anyone wants this can order from us now. Retail price is RM1,050.00. If you a gamers, then you need to get this card.

Final price still negotiating with the Distributor. Will update the price once we get the confirmation from them.

Limited units available.


woot pit boss sold graphic card
MSI 8800gt 512 mb priced at rm 950
hope you can priced it lower
so what the difference between this one
also can trade in with my old x1800xl :P?
also got anything from red flag?

The MSI's performance is not the same as this one.

note the much higher clock on the Zotac. If i'm not mistaken they are using slightly higher quality RAM and a larger cooler.

MSI is pure reference base with a minimal overclock that you could have just done urself.. there will always be a price difference between reference and more premium. Frankly I think the price difference is worth the extra boost in performance.

just do a quick look and you'll see how big the perf difference is. The Zotac beats some 8800 GTXes...That's how fast it is.

And no trade ins.

wooo.... later we can buy the whole computer parts here. i'm interested if the price is right....  :)

Btw, whts the diff with my Gefore PX8800 GTS TDH WITH 256 MB with Zotac 8800GT AMP 700MHz scores over 8800GTX?


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