Author Topic: Installing keys and configuration files into OpenVPN through itunes  (Read 4204 times)

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I've been trying to use the installation guide to use Boleh VPN through OpenVPN on my ipad (, however I keep getting stuck at step 5.

Under the Apps tab, proceed to scroll down to the bottom of iTunes. You should be able to see the File Sharing section. Select OpenVPN Connect then Add in order to move the files you have extracted just now to your device.

When I click on the Apps tab, I can see the list of apps on the left window and images of the location of the apps on the device home screen but cannot scroll down any further, or see a File Sharing section.

I am using version of iTunes and my ipad is using iOS 8.3.

I'd appreciate some help as to what I am doing wrong, or a workaround for getting BolehVPN to work on my ipad.