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Why does using US-SurfingStreaming/BolehRoute fail the WIMIA test?


Our servers will always fail the WIMIA test but it is nothing to be concerned about. is one such tool that VPN servers will fail the WIMIA.

Tests like the WIMIA test simply collect all user-agent's (a piece of information your browser sends to the website) they receive from a given IP address. If the number of different user-agents on a given IP is above a certain level, they will report the IP as a suspected proxy or VPN.

As VPN providers have limited IP addresses to use and customers always tend to check their IP addresses on sites such as whatsmyipaddress (which records all these WIMIA tests), there is no way to prevent this test from failing.

This is nothing to worry about:

* The VPN still hides your real IP
* Virtually no websites will use such tests to block you (because large company firewalls and other multi-user environment will all fail the test.)
Read this article from

--- Quote ---Honeypots

Imagine you wear a fake mustache and dye your hair black to try and hide from your worst enemy. Then you walk over to his house, knock on his door and ask him: "Hi, I'm one of your enemies. Can you guess who I am?".

That sounds pretty stupid, eh? Even if he doesn't know who you are, he knows you're one of his enemies and he'll have his bodyguards looking out for the guy with the fake looking mustache and the black hair.

Stupid or not, this exactly what many privacy conscience people end up doing. People sign up for a VPN or proxy server and the first thing they do is head over to or or one of the many similar sites out there to see if the fake IP is working. What they don't realize is:

99% of the visitors to these websites are people trying to hide their IP. These websites are expecting you and exist with a purpose.
They collect as much identifiable information about you as possible. Getting your User-Agent identifier (which is more unique than you would think) is easy. If you have JavaScript enabled, they can also figure out your timezone and other seemingly insignificant details. Combined, this creates a fairly unique fingerprint of your computer. (Their WIMIA proxy detector is in fact based on counting the number of unique fingerprints per IP address!)
Now, some people are even less smart. They will rip off their fake mustache, un-dye their hair and visit their enemy again to ask "so, can you see the difference? just want to make sure!".

Amazing, but true. If the above isn't enough to be worried about, some users will turn off their VPN and revisit those websites to "check the difference". All the website has to do is check the fingerprint they made earlier with the one you give them now and they have a match, instantly connecting your true IP to your fake IP.
--- End quote ---


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