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Ditch any pay download manager and get Free Download Manager now for free!!  :P

- if you dont want torrent to associate with FDM, get the lite version
- no problem running on 64-bit OS (even though it says 32-bit only)

Yes..I also recommend using FDM.
Been using it for full 2 years now..
Very stable and easy to use..

I support this app 100%...i use it every single day...causing downloading files back from seedbox  :P

Looks interesting. I'll check it out. I'm still using my Getright 4.5d from 2002. Haha now that's ancient in PC terms.

Beware this DM doesn't fully support hotlink downloads or most the similar sites. Only rapid seems okay.
If you are into hotlink type of downloads recommend IDM

its a 30 day trial  :'(

How ever IDM lacks a lot or functions found in FDM.

Creations of a category folder by FDM is so useful.


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