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Thursday, February 5th, 2009

FTP possibly being throttled by TM Malaysia

We have noticed that especially during peak hours it seems that TM throttles / traffic shapes FTP connections. Those on seedboxes may experience slower  FTP transfer speeds that necessitates using many threads.

We have found that passing the FTP program through theVPN massively increases this speed.

Without VPN: 4.3 kB/sec

With VPN: 100 + kB/sec

This was all done on ONE thread on the same server. Something worth exploring should you be hammering your head on why FTP speeds are less than spectacular.

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

BolehVPN Developments for the month of February

Several important announcements:

Payment Gateway for Malaysian Online Banking Users

Over the next few weeks we’ll be testing an online payment gateway for Malaysian customers.

This will allow hassle free online bank transfers and will eventually lead to auto generation and renewal of keys without the need to send fiddly screenshots.

We will still retain our manual processing for cash deposits and other payment methods.

For now things will stay the same and we will post a separate update on this.

SeedBox GUI

We have previously kept our seedboxes quite low profile due to the technical ability required to operate them. However it seems Pit Boss has found a way to maintain the same performance benefits of rtorrent (if not making it more efficient) and implementing a web based GUI to it.

We will post screenshots and further details once this is finalized. We may also be tying up with yet another private tracker :D.

Feedback on our Service

Nick our Community Manager is in the process of contacting new subscribers who have used BolehVPN for a few days and analyzing feedback to further improve our service as we realize many new users who may be confused by the installation instructions or misconfigured something do not always inform us of their problems and walk away feeling dissatisfied.

Nick is a LOT MORE PATIENT than myself so if there’s a particular problem you are facing or a suggestion, just drop an e-mail to [email protected] or if it’s more of a technical support issue, to [email protected] and we will gladly help you get BolehVPN to work for you!

So yeap it’s going to be an exciting month for BolehVPN!

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