New GEO-DNS server

We just brought up a new GEO DNS server. This is replacing the old one, as the old one no longer works for Hulu. Please update your configs to get access to it. For Bolehvpn client users, just update from the Settings tab. For custom client users, you’ll need to update manually.

New Canada Server and France status

Hi guys,

We’ve just brought up a new Canada server for you. Please update your configs to get access to it! As always, BolehVPN client users can do so from the Settings tab of the BolehVPN client, whereas all other users will need to update manually.

And a quick update on the status of our French server, it will be down for 3 days until the new one is delivered. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

China server to be Terminated

Dear Bolehians,

We are terminating our China server for now in search for a better one. The current China server (located in Shanghai) is not up to our standards in connectivity and speed.

We do not have an estimation on when will the China server will be back but we are trying our best to find a better China server.

The current FullyRouted China will be offline on the 31th May 2015

Sorry for any inconveniences caused.