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Friday, June 8th, 2012

Refer your Friends to BolehVPN and get cash/additional days!

We had a few weeks ago, implemented a referral system for you to invite your friends to BolehVPN and earn points that can be redeemed for additional days of even cash!


Invite your friends!

Login to your account through our Customer Portal and then click on Invite a Friend. You can either send the referral email directly thru the portal or copy your referral link and paste it to your own e-mail. If your friend signs up through the link and purchases a package, both you and your friend will earn bonus points that can be redeemed for cash or additional days to be added to your subscription.

Please kindly only send invites to people whom you think need it. We highly discourage spamming your friends just for the sake of getting points!

For full details and rules etc, you can view it all here.

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Discount on 1 year BolehVPN Package Promo

As we approach our business’ 5th Anniversary, we have for a limited time discounted our 1 year price to RM230.00 representing a RM25.00 discount off our rack rate!

You may place your order by going to our Order Page. Thanks for the continued support guys!


Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Urbanears Plattan Review

Since opening GeekZen, it has always been a policy of ours to make sure we all test our products out. I chose to take the Urbanears Plattan a whirl since I needed a more portable headset than my Siberia and I didn’t quite like the ‘in the ear feel’ of my otherwise awesome Sennheiser CX880. I got an indigo colored one.

Coming from a Steelseries Siberia v2 headset that costs about RM399 for the regular version and RM449 for the USB version, getting a nicely designed headset for RM289 (even less after discount!), I was slightly skeptical. Let’s see how it pans out!

Build Quality and Design

The build quality of the Plattans is impressive. The use of durable woven fabric both on the headstrap and the cables not only gives the Plattan a unique look but keeps the cables tangle free and the headband padded. Form meets function. The matte plastic used on the cans and the adjustment clip also has a velvet feel to it and doesn’t feel or look cheap. In fact it looks more premium than the Siberias that cost almost double.

The design also has a kind of retro-esque look mashed together with Ikea sort of minimalism which gives the headset a very unique style. When I wear them around, it turns heads (hopefully because it looks good and not cause I look like a dork). The headset folds to save a bit of space when carrying it around. The Plattan is also light which is great for carrying around and easy on the head and neck.

There’s also an additional extra AUX port (which they call the Zound port) in the right headcan which allows a friend to plug in and share the music you’re listening to. Perhaps this is something more useful for couples but it’s a nice touch nevertheless.


I wore them for a couple of hours and didn’t feel any discomfort but I notice there were some reviewers perhaps with larger/wider heads that felt it was rather tight. It is noted that although the distance of the cans to the headband can be adjusted, the width is purely governed by the headband so the wider you go, the more the elasticity of the headband will press on your ears. So if you have an exceptionally wide face, it might be tight.

The ear pads do not surround your entire ear but rest lightly so there is some noise exclusion but you can still hear outside noise which may be a good or bad thing. Considering the Plattans were designed for ‘urban’ use and on the go, I felt that this was a good thing. You don’t want to get knocked down by a car that you didn’t hear cause you were too busy grooving to that funky tune.

Sound Quality

I have to admit I’m no audiophile. I can probably tell between poor, average, good and great sound but not tell you about the nuances so the following is just my own personal opinion.

I’ve put on a pair of Dr Dre Solo HD and felt they were good but not worth the RM1,180 price tag. In fact I felt that the Plattans were about the same as the Solo HD except that the Solo HD because of its design that cupped over the ears, had better noise exclusion. The Plattans have a thumping, rocking bass which was evident when I played World Order’s Machine Civilization (which you should totally watch the music video). But the Plattans’ sound was most importantly rich and vibrant and pretty damn good for its price range. Don’t be mistaken, it’s no Sennheiser HD800 (which costs about USD1550+), but it offers excellent value for money and a good day to day usage headset to go to.

I also really liked the mic which came across as clear to my friends where I used it for Skype calls and phone calls while hooked up to my mobile phone. I also found that I didn’t have to keep on adjusting the mic to make sure it was close to my mouth for myself to be heard clearly.

Conclusion and Where to Get It

I really like the Plattans. It’s trendy, it has good sound and doesn’t break the wallet. If you’re after a solid pair of portable headsets that look good, you can’t quite go wrong with the Plattans.

I am  therefore pleased to offer it on our partner website GeekZen and poses excellent value especially when used in conjunction with BolehVPN’s exclusive 10% discount code!  It comes in a wide variety of colors ranging from the standard colours like black, mocca to more outrageous colurs like tomato and raspberry.

You can grab it over here at GeekZen!

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

GeekZen Launched! Exclusive 10% Discount for BolehVPN members

I am proud to announced that GeekZen, my other business venture, has finally launched and is now live at

BolehVPN customers (non-trial) will enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on ALL items including Sales item for this month of February! The Discount Code can be found in your Bonus section in the panel. The Discount Code is only for BolehVPN customers only and is not to be shared out!

For now, our main products are Gelaskins both the films and its hardcases (probably one of the first few to have them in Malaysia), Boombotix (cute, hardy and good sound portable speakers)  and iRun (sweat resistant tangle free ear phones). We are bringing in a lot more products over the coming months and will keep you guys posted. For now, we’re starting modestly.

We are still in the process of adding all our products to the site especially the Gelaskins. At the moment we currently stock iPhone 4S/4, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note skins and eventually will bring in more for other phones. However, we can do custom back order for skins for many other devices that we don’t have on the site. Basically if you have a device on this list here, and you like any Gelaskin design on the site,  just drop an e-mail to [email protected] and she’ll reply and advise on the amount payable and estimated time of fulfilment. Just mention the discount code so she can give you the 10% discount! 😀

By the way, Gelaskins films are free shipping (not hardcases though)!


Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Geekzen: Making gadgets simple, exclusive discounts for BolehVPN members

I am pleased to announce our partnership with Geekzen, a brand new company started by me and a couple of other friends. This has been in development for the past few months and we will launch sometime next week!

What is Geekzen?

We’re a company based in Malaysia focusing on providing quality geekware to the Asia-Pacific region (though we also ship worldwide). All our items are hand-picked either for their great design, their utility, novel ideas or pure artistic flair and we back it with our customer service team comprised of passionate people that place great importance on customer happiness. In fact, we’re so confident of our products that we back it with our no questions asked 30 day return policy.

All our items are genuine and products are always tested by our team. No knock-offs, just quality geekware.

What do BolehVPN members enjoy?

Full BolehVPN members (active 30 day subscriptions and above) will enjoy exclusive discounts on Geekzen which will be available in the Bonus Area. The discount code will be even applicable to sale items! We’ll also from time to time give exclusive offers available only to BolehVPN members.

Current Product Lineup

We’re starting out modestly but our product lines will expand with a whole batch of new goodies coming in mid-February. Here’s a sampling of our product lineup:

Join us at :

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