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Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Order Server Restored

If you realized ūüėÄ Order server is now restored which came back on about 7.30 AM today GMT+8. Thanks for being patient!

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Power maintenance on Ordering server underway. Backup in about 8-9 hours or less.

I hope everyone has gotten their orders in!

Our order system is now shut down for the next 8-9 hours but may be less. We’ll post an update when it comes back up. We expect to be up between 7-9 AM 18 September 2011 GMT+8.

All VPN servers are still up as usual!

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

BolehVoice – Mumble Server Hosting now with Web Admin

We have updated our Mumble server hosting with a web admin making it easier to host your own voice server for you to communicate with your friends while gaming. Excellent for World of Warcraft, FPS games and any group based online game!

Take a look at our updated page here.

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Downtime on Zombiemod Server and Voice server

Anyone hosted on our CBJ5 game/voice server will experience interruptions for the good part of today:

Dear Customer,

Please be informed that there will be a scheduled power maintenance and upgrade activities in CBJ5 Data Centre. This will commence on:

Second Power Source Feed
Date                                                                           : 10th October 2009
Time                                                                           : 12:00 am Р8:00 pm
Estimated Power Downtime Duration                             : 18 hours

The purpose of this maintenance is for CSF to carry out preventive maintenance on our data centre electrical system which is required by the Electricity Supply Act 1990. According the Electricity Supply Act 1990 (ACT 447) and Electricity Supply (Successor Company) Act 1990 (Act 448) under clause 110 (4) states:

“Any protective relay and device of an installation, shall be checked, tested and calibrated by a competent person at least once in every two years, or at any time as directed by the Commission”.

To test and calibrate the protective devices, CSF need to remove them from the switchboards which will cause disruption of power. Since there are two power sources feeding our data centre, CSF are going to do the test and calibration on one power source at a time. There will be one source of power feeding our data centre at all times. This exercise will allow CSF to ensure all protective devices are in proper working order to prevent damages to IT equipments.

Every customer’s rack is supplied with 2 power sources with each supply coming from different PDU. Our PDUs receive each power source feed alternately. So when we shutdown one PDU the other power supply from the other PDU is still available so if you use both power sources simultaneously on one equipment, the redundant power prevents your equipment from losing power.
There will be a NO downtime occurs during the exercise if you are using simultaneously both power supplies provided to each of your rack.

If your equipment has only one power module hence using one power source feed only or it has 2 power modules but connected to the same power source feed, it will experience downtime. In order to minimize downtime to single power module equipment you will have to plug in the equipment power cable to the available power source feed when one power source feed is down.

We strongly advise customers to do necessary backup of their critical data.

For further information and clarification on the maintenance or if you experience difficulties after the maintenance period, please contact us via email at [email protected], or call SOC at 03-2274 3515 or contact your respective account executive.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Monday, April 13th, 2009

BolehVoice – Malaysia Mumble Server Hosting

We now offer Mumble voice servers which are basically Voice-Chat servers that are great for multiplayer online gaming or just talking crap with friends.

Offering the same quality as Ventrilo and best of all it’s non proprietary so we can bring it to you at a cheaper price!

For a Malaysian Mumble Server, we charge RMRM0.80 per slot per month with a minimum commitment of 25 slots.

That translates to:

25 slots = RM20.00/month

50 Slots = RM40.00/month

This is a special promo price and will be subject to change.

Please note that bandwidth in Malaysia is expensive as compared to countries in Europe/US!

All you have to do is give us your desired username and password and a list of people whom you want admin access to and we will give them the necessary ACL privileges. There is no web admin available at this point in time yet.

Join us at :

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