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Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Goods and Services Tax implications on Malaysians

Starting on the 1st April, we will be charging GST on our services for Malaysian customers. Customers outside Malaysia will not be subject to GST as almost all our servers and even our customer portal system are all located entirely outside of Malaysia. The good news is that our prices are staying the same and are already inclusive of GST and for the moment, there will be no difference in the MYR pricing despite GST and the weakening Ringgit! Yes that’s right, we are absorbing all the GST as frankly, this tax is a real burden on our people.

The bad news is that as part of the requirements we will be preparing our full tax invoices for users as well and this would unfortunately mean that we have to put down a customer address for compliance purposes for tax invoices purposes. We’ll leave it up to you what address you wish to put as this will all be done purely over the internet as well and is just to satisfy regulatory compliance.

Our system will charge GST is as follows, if a Malaysian IP is detected, prices will be payable in MYR only either via Paypal, cash deposit or MolPay, if a foreign IP is detected, we will charge in USD or SGD (to be determined) and no GST will be charged on the amount and the address field will be optional.

We are running slightly behind our portal implementation and therefore may need to process the tax invoices manually until our new portal system is up. Depending on how the situation is we may shutdown operations in Malaysia and relocate since our services are not based in Malaysia in any case.

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

New Singapore Server for alternate routing in SE Asia

Singapore_image_1We have deployed a new Singapore server. Its bandwidth is not tremendously high so best to stick to the Euro servers for P2P and maintain this one for

  • General Use
  • Streaming
  • Alternate routing for SE Asian customers when certain ISP routes fail (TM cough TM)

Singapore’s international connections tends to be among the best in the region and so we hope to give our SE Asian customers another option especially when certain undersea cables go bust :D. Enjoy!

Friday, February 20th, 2015

BolehVPN’s Warrant Canary

We will be implementing a “warrant canary’ system whereby we will post a cryptographically signed message in the first week of every month to confirm that we have not been served any warrants or seizures, searches or requests to log. Legally speaking, we aren’t too sure of its efficacy as there hasn’t been case law on it just yet but the EFF is of the opinion it would hold.

The warrant canary will be updated regularly here.

Our PGP Public Key is available here.

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Facebook and Instagram is Down: Get back to your real lives!

Just letting you know that Facebook and Instagram is currently down as at 2:30 PM GMT +8 27 January 2015.

For a moment I thought it was our government deciding to censor Facebook!

Also trending on Twitter #facebookdown 😀


Friday, January 16th, 2015

BolehVPN Telegram Group for Chat

t_logoFor those of you using Telegram messenger, we have started a chat for our BolehVPN customers to communicate with us. Chat should not be used for support queries as we do have a ticket system for that. 😀 To join us, just drop us an e-mail with your Telegram username. If you don’t have a Telegram username yet, see here.

Telegram has since its early days, has improved its privacy and encryption. However, for the super private, this is not for you as Telegram’s ‘secret chat’ does have some implementation concerns but for general chat it’s good enough. Best of all it has a desktop client to work together with a very well designed mobile app which gives it an edge over Whatsapp.

Rules of Conduct

  • No advertising or discussion of competitors
  • No spam
  • No hateful comments/chats
  • Basically whatever the Admins feel is right to maintain a pleasant chat 😀
  • Reserve the right to remove inactive users

Join us at :

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