New BolehVPN GUI Clients Released

We have released our new BolehVPN-GUI Clients!


  • Added Server Status ping test function
  • Changed Cloak method and removed Cloaked configurations from regular client
  • New independent Cloak Client 2.1.4b which has modifications.
  • Fixed TAP Adapter installation issues
  • Updated non-cloak OpenVPN version to 2.3.0

Remember to uninstall your previous version first!

Download links

Windows V2.1.4

Windows Cloak V2.1.4b (for China/Iran etc)

Mac 1.0.8

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9 thoughts on “New BolehVPN GUI Clients Released”

  1. I installed it thinking it would be 2.3.0 and it’s 2.1.4. Then I noticed the Windows download link still says 2.1.4. Is this going to be corrected? Is there actually a version 2.3.0?

    1. Grush, unfortunately there is some confusion due to the way OpenVPN numbers its versions and our versioning which is the same. It’s just unfortunate that they share similarities.

      OpenVPN base’s current latest version is 2.3.0. We used this base and incorporated it into our GUI v2.1.4.

      For our cloaked VPN, we use OpenVPN base 2.1.4 with some modifications. We used this base and incorporated it into our cloak GUI v2.1.4b

  2. Reuben, ok I get it now. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I thought I had just installed the same version of the GUI that I just uninstalled.

    Thanks again.

  3. I am curious do you have option to prepaid for vpn service for 2 years? As well as activate it couple months down the road? I asked because I am currently a subscriber of incloak and have been for over a year but still have 7-8 months of access to go. I am considering making a purchase early as at the moment I do have spare cash 😉 but who knows down the road.

  4. Can I know if there, can i use ur vpn on my DiGi mobile internet network…
    Im currently surfing by mobile…

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