Would you be interested in a Japanese VPN Server?

Several users have expressed their interest in BolehVPN hosting a server in Japan to access Japan only content or perhaps have encrypted surfing with an Asian server. We would like to gauge interest and would probably proceed with one if we can get about 30-40 yes voters (properly registered) so that we know the server would be reasonably utilized by a least a decent percentage of our users to justify the added cost.

It is likely that P2P will be not allowed on this server and that this server will only be accessible by Full subscribers and not Trial users.

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6 Responses to “Would you be interested in a Japanese VPN Server?”

  1. nazrix Says:

    I (or rather my wife) would be interested in a China, HK or Taiwan P2P server, not Japan though :)

  2. elsc Says:

    +1 for HK server.

  3. pirataloco Says:

    i vote yes, but only if you share the content sources? :)

    night programming on japan tv rules!

  4. vanhoe Says:

    sure why not

  5. adam wolf Says:

    we need a japanese server

  6. Joe Says:

    I would *definitely* be interested in a Japanese server. Please!

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