L2TP and US Surfing Streaming Server undergoing Reinstall

We are reconfiguring our L2TP server to PPTP connection for support for mobile devices. As such over the next 48 hours there will be some intermittent connectivity with L2TP and US Surfing Streaming as the server is brought down for reinstall and reconfiguration. The US-SurfingStreaming service lies on the same server and therefore will also experience the same intermittent connectivity.

Despite the vulnerabilities of PPTP VPN connections, L2TP seems to be problematic with many mobile devices and PPTP remains the most widely supported VPN protocol in devices. As most users use it primarily to appear from a different location rather than hardcore security, we feel this is an acceptable solution for the intended users of the L2TP server. In any case, it would make the occasional Firesheep/Facebook hacker on a public wi-fi think twice before attempting to break the PPTP VPN. PPTP also has low overhead making it a more responsive protocol.

Swiss Server CPU upgraded

The Swiss server has been successfully upgraded to a quad-core Xeon E5620 and is responding well to the load. The upgrade took about 20 minutes in total resulting in a very brief downtime.

On the 30th Sept, the schedule remains and the Swiss server will again be migrated to a high bandwidth pipe which should once again improve performance.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Configuration Update 19 September 2011

Our configuration files have been updated again. Just some minor housekeeping with the readdition of Swiss2 and reclassification of Canada-SurfingStreaming to a FullyRouted-Canada server.

If you are on BolehVPN-GUI, this is an easy process. Just hit the button Update Config and it will do it all automatically.

If you’re not on BolehVPN-GUI or are a Mac/Linux user, head on to our configuration file page and follow the instructions there. Don’t forget to edit the files to use your username!