TM suddenly slows down to a crawl

It appears that TM just farted and many users across the nation are experiencing inexplicable slowdowns. There has been no official word from TM as of yet and it appears to only affect some international sites such as Facebook.

Whether this is in line with their planned upgrades as per this announcement is anyone’s guess. As such this may affect VPN speeds.

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9 thoughts on “TM suddenly slows down to a crawl”

  1. Improved by leaps and bound now. Getting over 1Mbps download and more than 0.2Mbps upload. Maybe upgrades are done or line is not busy now since it’s 1 am.

  2. What is weird is that the line is smooth when I turn off VPN. But when I turn on VPN, the line gets really choppy and tends to disconnect/reconnect more often than not… What is going on, I wonder!

  3. Speeds have been erratic past 2 days, full speed followed by godawful slowdowns. I don’t use BolehVPN so can’t comment, but ftp speeds to Boleh seedbox is similar to http fluctuations – which means random IPs produce random results. Who knows what TM is doing to be honest.

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