Possible TM Problems

We’ve been receiving scattered reports of slowdowns throughout the nation but this is not across the board.

You may wish to read up on this which would give you a good idea whether there might be a routing instability problem. I recommend about 50 pings to be accurate.

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9 thoughts on “Possible TM Problems”

  1. i can confirm that my neighborhood in ampang is having a problem..still..the speed is ridiculous..im on 4Mbps and having a bad download speed at 20kB/s in utorrent..and 50kB/s on direct download..to TM,please stop your advertising on Unifi and fix this shit.thank you.

  2. im confirming the same problem occurring here in johor bahru. called up tm earlier this evening and lodged a report. will keep on calling them and harassing them to take action immediately like i always do before.

  3. i can confirm it happened to my neighbourhood in Selayang Baru too. I used to get 160 kbps on my 1MBPS connection, but eversince the undersea cable problem, my speed was down to 80kpbs, though they claimed the repair work already completed. I also did the speed test, my download speed is about 0.8 MBPS instead of 1 MBPS lke previously.

  4. @ blueh3av3n
    u do know that when u subscribed to 1mb connection u going to get 1 mb connection
    when u got 160kB/s before it was extra or miscapped at 1.5mb which happened to lot of user
    so that 0.8mbps it just about right speed of your subscribed speed :)
    what i’m thinking right now is that tmnet start going to find that miscapped 1.5mb user to proper cap them at 1mb
    so that they can use that 512kbs for other user ..more money for them

  5. @freeman your theory might be right or wrong. because ive been getting 160kbps since long time ago. and no i never got 1.5MBPS reading when i tried the speed test before. It always about 0.98MBPS . if I was given extra, the result should be more. :) .

    and its just so happened after the cable issues, maybe they relook back on the system? knowing that TM is the sole provider/monopolize the business, u are right too. uhhh

  6. Yeah same, I have been getting horrendous speeds on my 2mbps.. 20KB/s at night.. (most of the time) and day time too. Sometimes day time is better and can go up to 160KB/s but that is rare .. this is getting really frustrating.. and mind you we are not talking about p2p or whatever here… just usual http downloads… vision 2020 indeed.

  7. Yes, the same slowdown today in Subang Jaya too….
    Not just horrendous speeds on P2P but also erratic timeout failures during normal web browsing…

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