Luxembourg Status Update

All servers are operational now. However we have not received any updates why it went offline. Looking at the log, it seems the data center loss power because all servers are restarted.

Other than collosus users, the public trackers servers and boleh route 3, are working properly.

For collosus users, please log in and restart your rtorrent clients.

We apologize for this down time.



Update on Luxembourg Outage

Luxembourg servers remain down and we have no received updates from them along with all of their customers.

Their phone too is offline so there’s simply no way to reach them. We’ll see what we can do about the PublicTracker settings in obtaining more servers but that being said this will take a bit of time and Lux servers have previously been quite fast speed-wise.

Luxembourg Data Center Offline

As of 8.30am, all servers located in the Luxembourg went offline. I believe this is the data center itself that went offline not our servers. We are currently trying to contact the data center to find out what is happening. However the data center provider’s website is also down.

This is mostly affecting public trackers, bolehroute 3 and colossus users.

Private trackers are all operational.

For public trackers, please use redbaron as alternative server.

We will provide an hourly update via