IPT RSS feed fixed. Comments and Forum will remain banned

I saw that a bunch of you guys posted some silly things in the forums and got our IPT account banned from the forums and comments which is just as well. Use your head a little please? Not that it’s an issue anymore.

Some stupid instances include:

  1. Linking to OTHER trackers?
  2. ARGUING????? In a friggin private tracker forum? Aiyo, go stroke your e-peen elsewhere can or not.

The RSS feed has now been fixed for those of you who were having issues.

Firefox 4 Beta 1 is out with a UI overhaul and a bevy of improvements

The new Firefox 4 Beta is now out! The beta gives an early look of the next major version of Firefox and it certainly looks exciting bringing many vied after features of Google’s Chrome browser to Firefox and adding a few of its own.

As you can see, the user interface has been given a much needed revamp and reminds you of the minimalistic cleanness of Chrome. There’s a ton of new features in this browser but here’s the lowdown:

  1. New UI interface
  2. New Add-ons manager
  3. WebM video support
  4. Improved Privacy
  5. Full HTML5 support
  6. Crash Protection

It’s still early stages yet and the final Firefox 4 hopes to also enjoy performance improvements and synching of bookmarks/history across a multitude of your devices.

Your existing add-ons most likely won’t work so install the beta in a new folder! You can grab the new beta here.