Mohican, Cherokee and Nelson being replaced

We’ll be taking Cherokee, Nelson and Mohican offline sometime next month in the following order:

Cherokee: Cancelled WEF 7 June 2010
Mohican: Cancelled WEF 22 June 2010
Nelson: Cancelled WEF 25 June 2010

They will be replaced with servers with better routing to SE Asia and will update you both in the blog and in our configs when this happens.

You need not do anything at this juncture.

6 Responses to “Mohican, Cherokee and Nelson being replaced”

  1. freeman85 Says:

    is it possible adding fully route solution that have better routing to SE Asia ?

  2. Reuben Says:

    Actually Broute 1 and 2 have good routing when SMW4 isn’t shitty

  3. Pitboss Says:

    At the rates that TM is doing the routing, its like searching for a needle in a haystack. Its like here today gone tomorrow.

  4. freeman85 Says:

    yea i’ve been using bolehroute for all my needs until this routing problem arise ..

  5. pitboss Says:

    You can use US surfing for fully routed connection. All limitation on ports or protocol has also being removed from the US surfing server, except that it will not allow you to connect to any of the known public trackers. However US Surf routing is based on shared IP address, not dedicated IP as in other routed servers.

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