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Monday, February 15th, 2010

How did you spend your Valentine’s?

How did you spend your Valentine’s? Pit Boss was busy with the family, Reuben was hanging out with his relatives. To make up for the lack of excitement in your geek lives, we would like to know how YOU spent your Valentine’s! 😀 (and also an excuse to try out this nifty poll plugin) :P.

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Forum Membergroups cleaned up – Please Re-apply

We had a lot of confusing membergroups which we decided to remove to streamline permissions management.

As such we have deleted the IPT Verified User, Newbie (limited), BolehSurf Beta Tester and also Regular group. Unfortunately, SMF forums has no facility to move all users from one group to another and as such, they may have defaulted to having no Group and therefore restricted permissions.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused but this is a one-time move. Please re-apply for Support Access which is now a lot simpler:

Step 1:

Go to the Group Membership page as linked.

Step 2:

From Available Groups, select BolehVPN Subscriber by clicking on Request Membership.

Step 3:

In the text box, please enter your BolehVPN username (that you provided to us during the e-mail you sent to us when ordering!) and the date that you ordered.

Step 4:

Click Submit Request. Now wait for an Admin to approve your membership request.

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Luxembourg Servers Went Offline *no longer*

Our servers in Luxembourg have gone offline for an unknown reason all at the same time. The provider’s main website is down as well so we suspect a failure on the provider side.

If you are using Colossus (GUI Seedbox), BolehRoute 3, Mystic, Gurren, you may be unable to contact your servers until this has been resolved. We’ll keep you posted.

*Update 11 February 2010 4:05 PM* Service has been restored.

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Pandora Works on US-Surfing Streaming

Pandora is a new kind of radio service which helps you find songs similar or have a similar fit based on the songs you are listening to. Pandora relies on a Music Genome that consists of 400 musical attributes covering the qualities of melody, harmony, rhythm, form, composition and lyrics.

Now this service is only available in the USA and as such if you try to surf to Pandora outside the USA, it will return you with a warning saying that you cannot use this service.

Not anymore with US-Surfing Streaming!

Steps to get Pandora Working

  1. Connect to US-Surfing Streaming
  2. Clear your browser’s cookies (only if you have tried accessing Pandora before and it blocked you)
  3. Restart your browser.
  4. Surf to
  5. Enjoy!

Always remember that you should connect to US-Surfing Streaming before accessing the Pandora site or it will insert a cookie that will identify you from your original country. If you have accidentally does this just repeat Steps 1-5 and all should be good!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Megabit/Megabyte blunder in report on TM HSBB

Found an old post in 2008 that tickled me…Either the reporter heard it wrong or TM’s Sarawak General Manager doesn’t know the difference between a megabit and a megabyte. For those not in the know, there are 8 bits to a byte hence the speeds he’s quoting are 8 times faster…which is highly unlikely. Minimum of 10 megabytes a second is basically almost maxing out a 100 mbit connection. That means downloading a typical 25 minute TV series at around 350 megabytes will take approximately 35 seconds? Dream on! And 1 gigabyte a second??? Even a SSD would not be able to write fast enough to keep up.

It will take only one minute to download a video once Telekom Malaysia Berhad’s High Speed Broadband (HSBB) programme takes off end of this year.

“If you are downloading a video on one megabyte per second, it might take hours. But now with HSBB, it will only take one minute on 100 megabytes per second to download the video,” said Telekom Malaysia Sarawak general manager Omar Zaki Mustafa.

“Customers can experience and enjoy high speed broadband service with a minimum of 10 megabytes per second, and that can go up to one gigabytes per second,” he added.

He said this was one of the new technologies and services that Telekom Malaysia would be introducing to its customers, and it had been given the mandate by the government to implement it throughout the country.

“Sarawak has been very fortunate in that it has been given the approval to roll out the HSBB in Miri, Bintulu, Sibu and Kuching while in other states except for Klang Valley, Johor Baru and Pulau Pinang, they are only allowed to implement the programme in one area,” said Zaki.

“Our Internet services are the normal one like Streamyx that can be upgraded to four megabytes per second.

“We also have a lot of customers who are demanding that TM Direct be upgraded from two megabytes per second to 145 megabytes per second,” said Zaki.

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