Streamyx Slowness Spreads

I am now experiencing a slowdown in surfing as well with some sites refusing to load. Kuching may be possibly affected as well in addition to Penang/Kelantan. No news from TM still.

Update: appears to be a nationwide issue now…Cyberjaya servers are also affected.

Update: Calling 100 returns an announcement that the slowness is due to the Conficker worm (no idea how true this is as this has been going on for months)

Batman Arkham Asylum ‘The Way it’s Meant to be Played’ on Nvidia cards … or is it really?

techpowerup! has reported that Anti-Aliasing (one of the most basic image enhancements in any game) is only enabled in Batman Arkham Asylum on Nvidia cards. ATI confirmed this by doing tests in their labs where they changed the ID of their GPU to emulate a Nvidia card which then turned AA on again.

Bug or intentional foul play? You decide.

Read about it straight from AMD’s Ian McNaughton here.