Streamyx Interruption at Midnight

It seems that on certain midnights, Streamyx goes haywire and decides to be finicky. Tonight is one of them so you may be having some connectivity issues.But it is indeed a nightmare to troubleshoot!

Let’s say one of our servers I think is down. I ping it on my home computer and try to ssh into it, no go. Doesn’t work so it seems to be dead.

GUESS AGAIN. I ssh into our game server and try pinging the other server. And Bam it responds and I can even ssh into it!

So some IPs that work on my home computer don’t work on the datacentre and vice versa. Clear TM routing issues here….

So if you guys get disconnected and have it all weird at midnight ish…it’s the TM ghosts 😛

I wonder how far up the scale are we or is this intentional? 😛

VPN Server Replacement

Sakura will be replaced with a new server.

Specs wise is the same though the new server will not be located in the US. Our US host has been blocked from many trackers and also suffers from infringement notices so we thought it prudent to switch this one out.

We expect the server to be delivered sometime today or tomorrow. Sakura will go offline around Tuesday.

BolehBox open for subscription :D

Want to download things in a jiffy? Want to seed 24/7 at extreme speeds without worries about lightning striking your PC? Ready to become a power user for that private tracker?

Our Seedboxes are now running superbly and we have a few open slots for new subscribers 😀

Seedbox 1

Seedbox 2

Read the full write up here for pricing details and what it is!