Seedbox 2 to undergo maintenance

Seedbox 2 will undergo a complete reinstall to resolve some quota issues.

Your files will be transferred off to one of our backup servers and you would be granted ftp access to this if it is extended.

Please attempt to cut down the number of files needed to back up to expedite this process.

An additional day will be granted to your seedbox subscriptions as well.

New Server operational and slower replies today

I notice that not many people have updated their configurations to take advantage of our new server. Please do so as this will grant you access to the Dutch server which thus far has shown pretty good performance and should help equilibrate the load between continents.

Today is a very hectic day for me at work so replies will be a little slower though keys and support requests will be done during lunch and after I come back from work in the evening. All keys have been done up to 8.50 AM and next round of account renewals/generation will be done at around 12.15 PM.

Algorithm March

Japanese song + Cebu Inmates = Hilarity

The original (at around 3 minutes in) which is pretty nutty as it is. Watch them do it with the ninjas! Weird exercises for Japanese kids. Not surprising coming from the same culture that makes little kids run topless in winter for good health.

Now watch the prisoners do it. Watch it till the end!

I’ve watched this so many times till I can do the march now 😛