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Thursday, January 31st, 2008

UK Server Issues

We are experiencing issues with our UK servers which include our Seedboxes.

As a result, a small minority of you might be unable to access the VPN while this issue is being rectified. Also seedboxes are offline as well.

It appears to be a host related issue and we have already sent a support ticket for their review.

Time: 4.36 PM (Malaysian Time) 31 January 2008
Ticket ID: IXV-919453
Department: Dedicated Server Support
Priority: Critical
Status: Open

Will keep you guys updated.


We have received a response:

We experience a power problem in one of our Data Centers, engineers are on place working on that issue and it should be sorted out very shortly. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

We will evaluate the situation and if further outages occur because of poor reasons such as above, we’ll consider switching all these UK servers to a different host.

Update 11.27PM Yer Momma so fat she got hijacked!

Most UK servers have restored connectivity except Yermomma and BolehRoute.
BolehRoute server is still down for some unknown reason probably due to the intermittent problems of the host while Yermomma’s IP has been hijacked probably due to their technical fault on the host’s side.

Yes hijacked…When we try to login into the server, the server prompt is a totally different one which shows a totally different OS. Go figure. 😀 Way to go hosts!

Will look to slowly phase out using these hosts when we can.

Update: 12.26 AM Yer Momma is now online

Hosts have restored the connection.

The server that had taken you IP address has been taken offline.

Thanks for letting us know.

BolehRoute is still undergoing a look through as they believe the power outage might have killed something.

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

BolehVent: High quality voice chat services

We are currently testing a Ventrilo server at Password is testvent

Ventrilo is a high quality voice chat server that is very ideal for games and clans. It is free for clients though there is a cost for hosting the server.

It is very commonly used in World of Warcraft, Counterstrike and basically any online game that requires teamwork. Call it a improved, gamer friendly version of Skype which supports

1. Multiple Channels
2. Administration Rights
3. Up to 8 concurrent users (licensing reasons)
4. A variety of high quality yet low bandwidth codecs including GSM and Speex

You may find out more about Ventrilo at and you can also download the client from there for free.

Edit: This service is for free! 😀

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

International Link Outage at 2.30 AM last night

Malaysian Connectivity Outage

There was a brief international link outage in Malaysia at 2.30 AM last night resulting in a loss of connectivity for about an hour.

We are also still receiving reports that certain IP ranges still encounter issues and high loss rates when connecting to international sites. This was apparently due to an international link error which had been rectified yesterday but for some reason, this ‘fix’ has not been reflected in several IP ranges.

Tech Support at TM advised us to e-mail [email protected] (that’s right not with ping reports to several international sites (not including google since it has a Singapore server), your Streamyx username and current IP address to help their techs resolve the issue as they are aware of the problem.

Good sites to ping:

  5. (to test local connectivity)

To do pings under Windows, open up Start, Run, Type cmd, type ping -n 10. Replace with the other sites above to try the rest.

To copy, right click the window, Mark and then select and press enter. Paste with ctrl v.

Sarawak “Waiting for Response” error

In Sarawak, certain lines at around 12.30 AM also experienced a loss of connectivity from Streamyx which gave a DSL light but the authentication process would no go past the ‘Waiting for Response” stage, a problem which was acknowledged by TM and from morning reports, the problem seems to have been resolved.

Ken Server Upgrade Completed

We have also fully upgraded to a newer OS Ken and it is ready to take connections.

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Kusanagi Completes its Upgrades

Kusanagi has finished undergoing its upgrades and is now back online.

You are welcome to populate this server as its usage is very low at the moment.

These upgrades are in line with our plan to steadily bring all our servers up with the latest OS fixes for performance and stability improvements.

As from the time of posting, the following servers have been upgraded:

  1. CincauHangus
  2. Kusanagi
  3. Seedbox 1
  4. Seedbox 2

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Boleh Community Blog Opens


So the Boleh Community finally joins the blog bandwagon!

It seems that the Announcements section isn’t too effective in getting the message across so we’ll be testing using a blog format to post important matters and keep you updated not just on Boleh Development and Status but also on random things we found interesting!

Please note that this blog is NOT for support requests and the appropriate to post regarding this is still here.


Connectivity to international sites remains patchy with some areas having recovered while others still experiencing abysmal speeds.

  1. Jeff Ooi experiencing the slowdown
  2. Lowyat Forumers reporting their experiences

Up till today, there hasn’t been any official response on the matter except that they are experiencing problems (if you call their hotline).

Our suggestion is to keep on reconnecting to your ISP and get a different IP range and test your results via pings to google.

Our FAQs on the matter

  1. What is Good Ping?
  2. How to Determine if your ISP is at fault
  3. Speed Troubleshooting Guide


Our free game servers are available for those resident in Malaysia/Singapore or anyone in the region! Meet us and our users in the evenings and feel free to spread the word:

  1. Call of Duty 4 Game Server:
  2. Team Fortress 2 Server:

We are recruiting Admins for these servers so drop us a line!


We are upgrading our server’s OSes in stages for BolehVPN and as such there would be rolling restarts. You might experience short disconnections not lasting more than half an hour while the servers are being upgraded.

BolehRoute will be moved to a different host with a more flexible setup offering a greater number of ports and if possible a dedicated IP for each user! We currently are able to take 48 BolehRoute users.

Join us at :

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