You spoke, we listened, here's our response to your feedback!

Seedbox Migration Updates
January 6, 2010
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January 7, 2010
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You spoke, we listened, here's our response to your feedback!

We’ll pick the best feedback soon over the next week or so! Been pretty busy with the seedboxes!


Some of my ideas:

1. We have 4 configuration: boleh route, private, public & streaming. It was recommended that we chose private for private trackers and public trackers. But what if we have trackers from both worlds? As for me, I choose private when for either one. I would like to recommend an extra option that can be used for users who utilises trackers from both world. This option is not tweaked to any either private or public setting but more to achieve an optimal setting for users who uses both trackers.

The PublicTracker config allows you to use both. The main reason for the segregation is due to different Datacentre policies rather than any internal tweaking.

2. The website is simple, clean and direct like Google. Let’s keep it that way.


3. I have a tough time with the forums. Seems very clustered and I noticed that topics are scattered all over the board. Maybe streamlining the topics and reducing the number of channels we have now. Or better integrate them.

Agreed, will relook into this once migration of the seedboxes are complete.

4. Application for support access is very unique and is only used once. I suggest a stand alone page instead of integrating it with the current forum.

Interesting idea. We’ll look into streamlining this or whether this is necessary at all (as to the requirement of applying for support access).

5. FAQ and troubleshooting guide should be moved to their own page (something like wiki style). The one we have now is linking back to the forum.

This has been something I’ve been procastinating on as linking to the forum has been an easy way out. 😛 But definitely something I have thought about and will implement.

6. Information for Potential / New Customers channel and subtopic payment support should have it’s own space / page that talks about accounts only. Prolly can use this page for existing customers to check on their account status, update profiles and do other things.

We are working on a customer panel to do the latter.

7. Sub topic BolehVPN Development should be moved to its own channel.

Channel? As in a separate forum? I don’t want to segregate the forums too much but I do agree that the current forums are overkill.

8. Open a new channel called Announcements that is only used by admins to post any new developments and provide links directly to the channels the update took place. This will allow all customers to view only one channel to get access to all new and updated information. This would be a more detailed version of the status & news page we have now.

I am proposing keeping the existing blog for announcements and removing my personal thoughts from it by separating out to a separate blog. This should reduce the ‘noise’ level.


I think a really useful feature to complement your current offering (which is otherwise pretty much complete, very good, and rarely wrong), would be some kind of speedtest / ping / traceroute application, configured to route properly between endpoints through your various layers of network, so that users could diagnose by themselves whether their local connection is bad, BVPN network is having a problem, or the backbones after BPVN are affected by something.

This was something we considered developing but due to the many variables it would be hard to code such a program. It’s definitely under consideration and I’ve spoken briefly about getting a programmer to do this but we are currently more focused on automating our payment process 😀


Full RSS feed for your blog

This works already but not under Firefox but a proper RSS reader. Thanks!


if possible, add disconnect idle connection in openvpn for specific time, like 30mins or so
might helps save some server resources from idle lurkers (including myself :P )

just my 2 kupang

It does but your client is set to auto-reconnect so it just results in more hassle! If we remove the auto-reconnect function I think more people will be pissed off especially with the spotty connection of TM.


new way of renewing? via a login process… and just click to pay with credit or upload of bank in slip… all within the login process… and the new codes sent to the logins subsection files… so we can refer back if we somehow loose it… this way u can also provide… how long that particular person has subscibed for bolehvpn also… similarly with the unique id… u can always use the id for member get member promos or anything else… also increase the reminder time of end date subscription to a week to 5 days…

Something we’ve been working on for the past few months but have had a bad spate of bad programmers. We believe we have found a suitable programmer and are arranging to meet him to complete the job.


Just using bolehvpn around 1 month and is the 1st vpn I use,below are some of my suggestion:

1.Ya,I support the idea of getting a setting that work well with both private and public trackers.

2.I should apply to bolehvpn seedbox service if the service got bigger space and support both private and public trackers.

3.Can have the longer renew period?Its more convenience for everyone.

See my answer above :D. Service space has been upgraded. We don’t really think a seedbox should be used for public trackers as a VPN in those scenarios work better. A longer renew period is definitely possible, perhaps to 6 months.


I sure would like a singapore proxy as i find it pretty fast but a bit expensive.

Other than that great service all the way!!!

Something we’ve been thinking about seriously 😀 Will update once we have reached a conclusion.


My suggestions on further improvements, are
– an easier method of payment, probably direct payment gateway to M2u or CImb Clicks, in a secured web interface.
– An account tracker that will provide both the user and the service provider a log of the subscription payments and timeline.
– Some promotions from time to time, to entice users to resubscribe.
– a loyalty program for long time subscribers, either in terms of discounts, free bonus time, trial for new services etc..
– An easy to use FAQ that has video support for non-IT savvy users to understand and how to’s vids.
– A weekly/monthly tech/gaming podcast, to further build the user-base and grow the community. (this will be good, since we do not have good local tech podcast around)

I do think most people stay due to the good service and the prompt replies, so keep it up guys.

Yeap, previous questions answered above as under development. FAQ part is noted. Vid is also a great suggestion. Podcast…I have to say I’m not too sure about this as I don’t quite have the time to manage that :(. Loyalty program is interesting, we were thinking of introducing a Member get Member scheme first and see how it goes!


Oh! This is great.
I’d love a clock or two that showed your and my time zones. :) To hell with everybody else.
I’d also like a little favicon so you’re site doesn’t look so lame in my favorites.
It would be nice to know everyone’s ages.

Haha favicon done 😀 Ages welllll 😛 for a privacy solution I doubt that would be practical 😛 Clock! Hahaha just for u Canadians eh? 😛


Been subscribing since, eh, late 2007/early 2008? Can’t remember. Great and efficient service, delivers its promises, prompt support and value for money.
– BIGGER FONTS PLEASE. Especially on the blog. Im not too fancy about squinting when I read.
– Do roadshows! Especially at anime events, where a lot of the attendees are people who grab stuff via bittorrent :D

I am based in Kuching soooo a bit tough to do these roadshows thing. It was something we considered with Daicon but simply didn’t have the necessary resources to pull it off. Bigger fonts is something I’m checking if it’s possible 😀


Get a theme that suits the forum.

Or a forum theme that suits the main site? 😛 We actually had a draft design on this but couldn’t find anyone to skin it for SMF which is the forum we use it for. Let us know if you know any affordable skinners!


  1. raki says:

    @Haris:”Full RSS feed for your blog”

    I’m reading all of these from Google Reader for ages already… ehehe

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