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Windows 7 For Sale

For those of you wishing to grab a copy of Windows 7, we also have these for sale for Malaysian users.

All prices are in Malaysian Ringgit.

Shipping and Packing: West Malaysia RM15, East Malaysia RM25.

The difference between the OEM and Retail version is basically that OEM is only to be used for new systems and once you have installed it in that system, you cannot port it to another computer. This also includes any CPU or motherboard upgrades. You also do not have access to Microsoft support if you buy OEM.

Retail Version

Prices in bracket are the listed RRP from Microsoft converted from USD.

  1. Win Ult 7 English EM DVD      RM838 (RRP RM1089.00)
  2. Win Pro 7 English EM DVD     RM788 (RRP RM1020.00)
  3. Win Home Prem 7 English EM DVD     RM488  (RRP RM680.00)
  4. Win Home Basic 7 English EM DVD     RM398

OEM Version

  1. Windows 7 Ultimate RM699.00
  2. Windows 7 Pro RM525.00
  3. Windows 7 Home Premium RM 411.00
  4. Windows 7 Home Basic RM325.00
  5. Windows 7 Starter RM193.00

Payment can be made to the following bank accounts:

Current account

Current account

Please send an e-mail to with your FULL details:

Full Name:


Contact Phone:

Proof of Payment:

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  1. I’m pretty much impressed with the stability of Windows 7. It is better than windows Vista which hogs my memory and cpu.`*’

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