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February 10, 2009
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February 12, 2009
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WDTV 3rd Batch Ready for Sale!

We are now taking orders for our 3rd batch of WDTVs 😀

I’ve personally used it and I can say I’m very impressed. For a device of its price range it plays almost everything I throw at it without any problems (with the exception of files with DTS audio which I fortunately don’t have) and with its firmware upgrade, it plays mkv subtitles and seems pretty stable. I absolutely love it!

So to share the joy around, we’ll be offering these units of WDTVs again to our users for the price of


It’s small, it’s affordable, it’s cute 😀 Geddit! We are now taking orders and require payment upfront if you are serious about it.

As usual payment details are as follows:

Just e-mail us at sales@bolehvpn.net with the following details:
Subject: WDTV Purchase
Full Name:
Delivery Address:
Contact number (which we will provide to courier):

make payment to Reuben’s account M2U or CIMB or Paypal as follows to confirm order (order is only reserved upon payment):


Maybank2U: Current account 511234055767 (please put third party e-mail as sales@bolehvpn.net)

CIMBCLICKS: Current Account 11012001269058

Here are some feedbacks of our customer who has used the WDTV:


i am currently loving my WDTV. Just ogling on HD stuffs over and over again.
Rewatching favourites such as Matrix, LoTR is such an experience.


Managed to spend some time experimenting with the unit during the CNY hols and I thought I share some of my experiences:=

A very handy and highly protable HD media player which I find most useful when you have a few TV sets scattered around the house.!!  I have even done some demo with the unit at my friends house and it has not fail to impress.  I am using a Buffalo 320Gb ext drive with lots of good HD stuff and music.  As previously mentioned it played almost every media format except digital audio in mkv files.  The handling of jpeg files I find is even better than by the TVIX unit which I also own. Performance of the WDTV is noticeably better after the FW upgrade, which is a simple affair.

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