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February 2, 2017
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VPN servers Security Maintenance Update

We will be performing a series of security updates to all servers within the next 1 week to enhance the security configuration of the vpn exit gateways. There will be an intermittent interruptions in connection and reconnection during the update process. Below are the schedules and action that subscribers may or may not need to do to activate the additional security measures.

Start Date
End Date
Description Effects
1st Feb 2017 3nd Feb 2017 Upgrading servers configuration Downtime of 3 minutes on the affected server
4th Feb 5th Feb 2017 Upgrading of Client Configurations Users to update all the vpn configuration files thru GUI or manual download.

The above maintenance process will give an early preparation for the vpn client to be updated to the latest OpenVPN 2.5 in the near future. We are still in the midst of gathering data on backward compatibility with devices using older version of OpenVPN and to see if there is any need for us to provide different configurations for different devices. A decision on this will be made by the end of February 2017 .

Thank you

BolehVPN Security Team

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