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February 10, 2010
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February 11, 2010
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Vision for BolehFiles and Seeking Comments

I see BolehFiles as a supplementary service to BolehVPN where I do not seek to make a profit for this. As long as I can cover server costs, I would be happy to host this for BolehVPN subscribers.

The way I see it, popular files are already available through VPN/IPT. There’s no reason to use Megaupload/Rapidshare for these files. It’s only those rare files where you can’t get them should someone turn to these HTTP download services.

Why do I think this?

  1. It’s a pain to search for RapidShare/Megaupload links. Often dead links. With torrents there’s a certainty especially with private trackers. You know whether it’s seeded or not straight away.
  2. You tend to need a Premium account to several of these file sites which adds a lot of cost.
  3. It seems that TM actively throttles or deprioritizes these sites and HTTP/FTP connections are heavily affected when routing is sub-par.

As such I still see BolehVPN + IPT as the main source of files with BolehFiles performing a supplementary role for rare/poorly seeded files.

Do you agree? Post your comments!


  1. Dukeaxr says:

    I concur..I seldom use rapidshare except in certain condition such as downloading e-books which is almost impossible to find using torrent (they usually zip it all up, and did not even list the name properly). Usually for academic purpose..
    You probably could up the price for short term customer and giving them the bolehfiles.

  2. Sureash says:

    I second that too. Rapidshare and megauploads are such a pain.

    It is also extremely rare for someone to look for something there and not found in any torrent sites.

    Anyway, thanks for even providing the service even if the usage is extremely rare.

  3. is says:

    Thanks for still keeping it alive and adding the megaupload premium 🙂

  4. is says:

    suddenly username and password cant use. is it changed?

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