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uTorrent Update Installs Cryptocurrency Miner

It seems that popular torrent client uTorrent is pushing silent updates to users that install a cryptocurrency miner called Epic Scale. According to some users, this update will not show an opt-out screen for Epic Scale at any step in the installation process. TorrentFreak has confirmed this, along with screenshots of the install process where the opt-out screen does not appear at any step. However, it seems to be affecting only some users, and not all machines.

Epic Scale is a cryptocurrency miner that uses the host machines CPU cycles to generate revenue, often maxing out a host machine’s processor. According to their support team, they are investigating the issue and offering assistance as well as a $20 Amazon gift card to any users who come forward with details on this issue.

BitTorrent Inc., the parent company which owns uTorrent, has denied any issues with the update. According to them, “We have reviewed the issue closely and can confirm that there is no silent install happening. We are continuing to look at the issue. But this is most likely these users accepted the offer during install”.

In light of this, we no longer recommend uTorrent as the preferred torrent client. We suggest looking into either qBittorrent or Deluge for your torrent client needs.

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