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February 11, 2011
uTorrent 2.2.1 Beta recommended. Improves privacy and SOCKS support
February 15, 2011
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uTorrent Freezing bug fixed finally?

uTorrent has released a new Beta (Build 24567) which one of our users, Traith is reporting that it is working properly with Socks proxies now.

It is recommended that you uninstall your previous utorrent version first and delete all settings before you install this one and then redo your proxy settings as per our installation instructions to ensure compatibility and security.

You can download the new beta here.


— 2011-02-07: Version 2.2.1 beta (build 24567)
– Fix: balloon notifications didn’t display
– Fix: tray tooltip showed 0 for everything
– Fix: fixed issue causing uTP to break
– Fix: fixed bug causing .!ut extensions to break and any operation that moved files
– Fix: uTP fast-resend bug

— 2011-02-03: Version 2.2.1 beta (build 24512)
– Change: improve logging for pex flood events and average over more messages
– Feature: enable disk congestion logic when disk cache is turned off
– Fix: socks5 proxy error handling would sometimes cause a freeze and infinite loop
– Fix: don’t fall back on browser to download RSS torrents when proxy is used and non proxied connections are disabled
– Fix: episode numbers are no longer limited to 2 digits in torrent list
– Fix: fix copy bug in list views (would sometimes fail to copy certain fields)
– Fix: crash when deleting a torrent file that was added via magnet link
– Change: don’t update RSS feeds just by opening the edit window
– Fix: UDP tracker fix for tracker returning incorrect scrape responses

— 2011-01-21: Version 2.2.1 beta (build 24266)
– Fix: frequent crash when opening the containing folder of a torrent
– Change: Run apps in standard mode (not IE7 compatibility mode)
– Fix: Remove erroneous scam MessageBox

— 2011-01-19: Version 2.2.1 beta (build 24217)
– Fix: fixed gui.graph_overhead
– Change: limit cache size to 2000 MB (for 32 bit builds)
– Fix: attempt at fixing disappearing systray icon
– Fix: Copy and paste in File list view fixed. (ctrl-A, ctrl-C, ctrl-V)
– Fix: don’t attempt to open a file if it doesn’t exist (caused association dialog to appear)
– Change: only apply the port > 1023 for outgoing connection restriction for peers only hear about through the DHT
– Fix: back-ported proper support for disabling udp trackers from 3.0
– Fix: fix bug in UDP socks5 support which would cause infinite loops
– Fix: Use system call to open containing folder instead of launching explorer.exe (when available)
– Fix: Don’t connect to ports < 1024 when no-connect-to-services is enabled (which it is by default)
– Fix: privacy checkbox in general settings would have multiline text
– Change: add port 80 and 443 to the default port block list


  1. wildwestgoh says:

    Been running it for 4 hours without any problem right now, will let it runs over night to see if it freezes again.

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